The Agony of Pizza

I ordered and ate a pizza last night and it has me wracked with guilt. Pizza these days is an anxiety-ridden affair, and not because I’m on a diet. The first hand-wringer is that I got a pizza with all kinds of meat on it: pepperoni, bacon, chicken tikka, sausage, and meatballs. The pepperoni, bacon, […]

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I reluctantly went and saw Scre4m, knowing I might regret it, and I enjoyed it even less than I thought I would. I’m already not a fan of slasher flicks – I think they appeal to some of our basest instincts and feel to me like celebrations of death – but this one raised my […]

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Party People

Today marks my second week spent in Scotland, and I thought I’d do a rundown of my trip so far. After taking the requisite time adjusting to my jetlag, I’ve been able to go out and enjoy some nice evenings with Nicola. A couple nights after I arrived, we went to a local Tweetup, where […]

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Critiquing the Critics

I saw an awful film today. It was base, childish, derivative (and not in a good way), and written as if to appeal solely to teenage stoners. But you know what? I still had a good time. Granted, I saw it for free, which I think played a huge part in my being able to […]

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Hope Abounds

Baseball season has finally begun, and I’m thrilled to have the exquisite blend of thoughts it gives me filling my head once more. It’s a time to be both boundlessly hopeful and cautiously realistic. This is especially true for San Francisco Giants fans, whose team are defending World Series champions. We have a guarded optimism […]

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Delectable Differences

A natural byproduct of travel is making constant comparisons to wherever you call home. These take many forms, but the comparisons I constantly make regard food. I’m not a “foodie”, but I do love a great meal. Eating is important to me, like any of life’s other carnal pleasures, so whenever I’m abroad I endeavor […]

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I’ve always been comfortable. I’ve lived in the same area, had the same friends, and done essentially the same things for my entire life. I took the bold step of moving 20 minutes away from my family home, but return often. I’ve never had to struggle, scrape, or fight. I’ve never had my resolve tested […]

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A Life Relived

What moment in your life was the happiest? The saddest? The most frustrating? If pressed, we can all come up with at least one example of each, with varying degrees of confidence. Your wedding night, the birth of your first child, or your first heartbreak. But what if you could quantify your feelings and create […]

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In a past life, I was outraged

When I die I want to be reincarnated as a shameless peddler of bullshit, who makes money off people that think reincarnation is real. I was sitting in my car at 11 o’clock at night, my paper-packaged dinner cooling in the passenger seat beside me, with a head full of difficult life questions that were […]

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Live-action history

I’m not sure when it happened, really. Like most illnesses, my San Francisco Giants fanaticism came on slowly after an unknown instance of infection. But if I had to pick a moment, for storytelling purposes I’d choose July 10, 2009. My girlfriend was here for the summer, and we decided to have a weekend in […]

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