Adventures in Carsickness

I was a barfy sort of kid. I’m a pretty barfy adult, too, but man, as a kid? Hair trigger. Just the thought of a car’s backseat on a windy road would get me close to firing. Brushing my tongue would end in disaster. The worst? Getting x-rays at the dentist. Wretch City, USA, and […]

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Thanks, Dad

Today is Father’s Day, and since I’m 6,000 miles away from my dad, the best gift I can think to give him are a few nice thoughts. After all, the man wants for no material good, and all I’ve ever learned to contribute in my 27 years is an opinion. The earliest memory I have […]

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A New Life In An Old Place

Home, sweet home at last. I’ve been in Glasgow as a visa-holding resident since April 27th, but I still felt in-transit during my month-long stint in Nicola’s parents’ house. It had nothing to do with them, though, I must say. They’re wonderful people who I love as my own family, and they never once made […]

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