It Isn’t Zito’s Fault He Sucked

Last night was Barry Zito’s final start for the San Francisco Giants, or for any baseball team, and no one expected anything good to happen. No one’s expected anything good from Zito for a long time, not since the offseason before the 2007 season when he signed a record 7-year, $128m contract. People expected a […]

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A Mob 140 Strong

Like everyone, I didn’t really get Twitter at first. When you first sign up it’s just a blank page, like joining a club with no members. It takes work to get something out of it. But eventually, if you’re diligent, you’re rewarded with a fun, eclectic parade of voices and personalities that you can obsessively […]

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Streams of Legend

During the summer of 1997, when I would turn 13, I spent nearly every day at my friend Chris’s house. Often times, when this is the case, it’s because one kid has a nicer house than the other, or more toys, or because one is fleeing some terrible family situation. Not this time. Chris was […]

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Probable Success

People don’t like to listen to intellectuals because intellectuals are fuckin’ boring. They hem and haw, waffle, qualify, and generally sound like people who know how little they know. That’s why whenever one manages to garner any kind of audience outside academia, they get labeled: PUBLIC. Hey everyone, here’s an egghead you can actually stand […]

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