Game Seven Gratitude

Since the Giants started their incredible run of success in 2010, I’ve held a small and shameful secret, one my family knew about but I was always loathe to admit: I only really started watching baseball intensely in 2009. Yep. Everyone who knows me considers me a baseball obsessive, and I’d cop to that description, […]

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Hockey’s Edge

I suppose it started, as so many things did, with Wayne Gretzky. By the time I was old enough to strap a pair of rollerblades to my feet, around 1990 or so, Edmonton’s darling Gretzky had served two years of his exile with the LA Kings and was in the process of transforming hockey in […]

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2014 Season Preview Review

In foolhardy defiance of the prudent maxim You Can’t Predict Ball, I tried to do that very thing earlier this year with my Giants 2014 season preview. I started off joking that because it’s an even year, the Giants will win the World Series, and indeed they still may. They pounded the Pirates in the […]

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