15 Days Till Opening Day: Effectively Wild

An essential part of my baseball life is the podcast from Baseball Prospectus, Effectively Wild. I started listening to it at the very beginning, when the hosts Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller said the idea was to do a daily, very short podcast, 15 minutes or so. This didn’t last long. Soon enough the episodes were regularly 20 minutes, even 30, and Sam would openly complain about the length creep while simultaneously being the largest source of the problem. Dude can talk and talk and talk, and that’s cool, because he’s really smart and funny. Shows are now on average 45 minutes, which is nearly long enough to take two dishwashing sessions, my primary listening time.

My favorite thing about the show is how absurd it can get. Baseball is a deeply silly game, and Miller in particular has a keen sense of it, which is a total blast to listen to if you’re a huge fuckin’ nerd like me. A steady refrain on the show is the question “If baseball were different, how different would it be?” It’s a lot of interesting thought exercises, novel Play Index searches, and just a ton of fun. I highly recommend it.

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