7 Days Till Opening Day: Pagan’s Palliative Production

Angel Pagan

There’s one thing about Angel Pagan we can state with confidence, based on the past two seasons: when he’s on the field, he’s still a good hitter. He just isn’t on the field much anymore. Leg issues in 2013, back issues in 2014, who knows what in 2015. The biggest predictor for whether a player will be injured in a given season is prior injury history, and because of that, we can predict Angel Pagan will almost certainly miss time—perhaps significant time—in 2015.

That’s really all there is to it. There isn’t anything with Pagan to analyze, no splits to look at, no trends to tease from the data. It’s simply a matter of sitting back and hoping he doesn’t pull up lame while trying to beat out a grounder.

One thing that would help keep him on the field would be a move to a corner outfield position. Center field is more physically demanding, especially for older players like Pagan, and he’d have a better chance staying healthy in left. And besides, he isn’t a good defender in center anymore—far from it. His defensive ineptitude in ’13/’14 alone erased nearly half his total value. There is only one playable center fielder on the roster, Gregor Blanco, and the Giants are committed to him as a 4th outfielder. Nevertheless, Blanco will definitely see time in center this year once Pagan inevitably goes down.

Let’s hope that when he does go down it isn’t for long, because he’s still a nice player to have when he can play.

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