Have Faith in RNGesus

The League of Legends World Championship Final was held October 19th in Seoul, South Korea, in a stadium once used for the World Cup. It was a multimillion-dollar production, with an opening ceremony, live performances, corporate sponsors, and more. Tens of thousands of screaming League fans were in attendance to watch Samsung White of Korea […]

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The Overrated Ol’ Days

I bet you old baseball players sucked. I bet you their swings were bad, their pitches slow, their arms weak. I bet you the 25th guy on any big league roster today, transported back in time, would have a shot at being a Hall of Famer. He’d feast on tumbling curveballs thrown by part-time farm […]

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Guilty Rider

To hell with Wittgenstein. I don’t know why we’re here either, but I’m confident at least one of the reasons is to enjoy ourselves. That’s why the notion of a guilty pleasure always bothered me. Why feel bad about feeling good? As long as you aren’t hurting anyone, soak up as much pleasure as you […]

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A Mob 140 Strong

Like everyone, I didn’t really get Twitter at first. When you first sign up it’s just a blank page, like joining a club with no members. It takes work to get something out of it. But eventually, if you’re diligent, you’re rewarded with a fun, eclectic parade of voices and personalities that you can obsessively […]

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Visiting the Home of Golf

In a continuing effort to obliterate what little left-wing cred I have, I spent a few weeks back in July touring Scotland and Ireland and playing the world’s best golf courses with my dad, his girlfriend, and my brother. I know, it’s shameful, but the cross I bear to spend time with my family is made by […]

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The Buddies, Formerly of Love Street

I decided, on the eve of the last World Cup, that I would make an honest effort to become a fan of soccer, footie, fitba, futbol, The Beautiful Game, football. The world goes nuts for this, I thought; there may be something here for me. I try to live by this credo as much as […]

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What Are The Odds?

Primitive peoples believed their fate was tied up in the heavens, and that they (or some con artist) could divine what it was by reading patterns in(to) them. This gave us constellations and astrology and all kinds of other embarrassing bullshit, and it’s one of many great examples of how the human compulsion toward pattern […]

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A Mysterious Musk

Despite a pitiable sense of smell compared to some of our mammalian cousins, we humans still use ours to good effect for gauging various situations, and our language is full of phrases confirming this. When something isn’t quite right it “smells fishy”, or “doesn’t pass the smell test”. We “smell a rat”, and in an unfair […]

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Thanks, Dad

Today is Father’s Day, and since I’m 6,000 miles away from my dad, the best gift I can think to give him are a few nice thoughts. After all, the man wants for no material good, and all I’ve ever learned to contribute in my 27 years is an opinion. The earliest memory I have […]

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A New Life In An Old Place

Home, sweet home at last. I’ve been in Glasgow as a visa-holding resident since April 27th, but I still felt in-transit during my month-long stint in Nicola’s parents’ house. It had nothing to do with them, though, I must say. They’re wonderful people who I love as my own family, and they never once made […]

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