16 Days Till Opening Day: Back to BABIP

Way back at the start of this project I wrote a bit of a primer to some advanced pitching statistics, centered around BABIP and the discovery that pitchers have much, much less control over what happens to a ball in play than previously thought. After reading that the scales surely fell from your eyes, and like […]

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29 Days Till Opening Day: Fat Panda

I’ll have a longer Pablo Sandoval Appreciation Post at some point in the coming weeks, but for now there is only this:


Mouse Jockeys

In the realm of benignly contentious conversation topics, “The Definition of Sport” is a personal favorite. People have strong opinions about it, as they do about most things categorical, and the discussion can be fairly revealing. It isn’t a stretch to say that you can plumb the depths of a person’s tolerance, even magnanimity, by […]

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Streams of Legend

During the summer of 1997, when I would turn 13, I spent nearly every day at my friend Chris’s house. Often times, when this is the case, it’s because one kid has a nicer house than the other, or more toys, or because one is fleeing some terrible family situation. Not this time. Chris was […]

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What Are The Odds?

Primitive peoples believed their fate was tied up in the heavens, and that they (or some con artist) could divine what it was by reading patterns in(to) them. This gave us constellations and astrology and all kinds of other embarrassing bullshit, and it’s one of many great examples of how the human compulsion toward pattern […]

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